Best bolted connections…
Due to the MJP principle (mechanical Multi-Jackbolt Pretensioner), we achieve an extremely advantageous geometry, so that no additional loads occur during preloading and we can effortlessly preload to 90% of the yield point. This means for our customers that we can achieve a better load distribution in threads and surface as well as lower stress peaks and thus lower settlements compared to other clamping methods. The screw cross-sections can be loaded more heavily and the risk of failure is reduced.

… with easy handling
Since bolted connections can be loosened and retensioned extremely quickly in accordance with the MJP principle, and we only work with small forces, our customers achieve the shortest downtimes when replacing conventional bolted connections or during maintenance work on the equipment. This in turn means huge financial advantages by increasing the availability of production facilities.

In addition, we can work with simple and customary hand tools. There is no need for special tools, and a brief introduction of the operating staff is sufficient.