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MJP Special Solutions

Multi-Jackbolt Pretensioners (MJP) made to measure

Where no solution can be found with our PM standard series or the PB basic series, we will be happy to develop an application-specific special solution for you, taking into account all the necessary parameters, in particular:

  • Larger diameters (> M160); for very large diameters also multi-part nut bodies
  • Special thread geometries (profile, pitch)
  • Special materials (corrosion-resistant, amagnetic, coated (e.g. protection against cold welding))
  • Extended temperature ranges (extreme low/high temperatures)
  • Special designs (e.g. particularly space-saving designs)
  • Other application-specific designs

and much more.

Contact us – we will be happy to advise you!



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Robert Ploke Mail Contact Tel. +41 55 284 11 33

Bolting solutions for highest loads

We calculate, develop, design and produce the best technical and economical bolting solutions for large dimensions and high, precisely adjustable and re-releasable pretensioning forces in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers and on the basis of our high-quality mechanical PM Multi-Jackbolt Pretensioners (MJP).