Pretensioning totally - axially and radially

thumb PLOKE MDVsMJP mechanical Multi-Jackbolt Pretensioners have been completely redesigned according to DIN EN and VDI guideline 2230 and are being used for general bolted connections in all areas of the industry. These extremely robust and space-saving machine elements guarantee a high and safe pretensioning of the components with even distribution of stress and without setting behavior. MJPs are constructed purely mechanically so that, depending on the application, any materials can be used (corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, high-strength for narrowest room conditions, etc.).

The hexalobular head (Torx®) of the further developed, higher-strength Jackbolts is extremely wear-resistant and very practical in handling.

The pretensioning / unloading is simply effected by means of a uniform tightening / loosening of the Jackbolts by means of a commercially available hand tool. The preload force is applied slowly and directly and can be set precisely and controlled. This elegant and simple handling also provides a high degree of safety against overload and guarantees a just as easy unloading.

The application of force at the screw bolt is purely axial; any torsional stress is avoided.

Depending on the task, the two following, purely mechanical solutions are available:

The latter are an exclusive development of PLOKE Engineering and especially suitable for the form fit pretensioning of high-dynamic components such as flange couplings or dynamically loaded foundations. They also compensate misalignment, so a complex machining of the flange bores is hardly needed.



General mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, heavy mechanical engineering, power plants, chemical industry. Used on couplings, slewing bearings, foundations, presses, bolted split joints and many more.